About Youtopia

Youtopia is a space for children to explore their emotions through creativity and story telling, brought to life by author and illustrator Lucy Pearce. Both its children's books and activity books raise awareness of mental wellbeing and get children actively involved through fun, creative play as a means of developing emotional resilience. 

"Mental wellbeing is something that I believe is so important both for adults and children. As an adult I have seen a noticeable rise in the awareness of mental wellbeing over recent years, however the conversation is often avoided with children either because it’s importance isn’t recognised or we simply don’t know the best way to discuss the concepts surrounding it. Youtopia looks to encourage these discussions through story telling and interactive activities, helping children to gain more understanding of what emotions are and how we can cope with them. Simply put, Youtopia looks to present children with concepts that we often might find difficult to explain in a fun, light-hearted, relatable way" - Lucy Pearce, Creator

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